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So here it is, my first novel in print!

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

It all seems so real now but I've just taken delivery of my first novel, have a watch of the unboxing video to see the excitement.

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Bill’s debut novel is written in his own unique style. Beautifully, crafted, long, flowing sentences which bring the reader’s imagination to life. A delightful read - poetry in prose.



Wow Bill

What a lovely surprise - well done. Hope all goes well with this book and that there is another one on the horizon. Remember the time in Florida when we designed Lloyd's book cover? Yours looks great.


Neil R. Hall
Neil R. Hall
Jun 04, 2020

Thrilled to see this Bill. I have ordered my book already and I'm putting aside all my Eastern Philosophy reading so that I can read yours instead.

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