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Bill Carmen was born on a boat on the river Thames in post war London. This gave him his lifelong love of all things water based. He now lives in Worcestershire with his second wife. He has two daughters and two grandsons. Now retired, he spends time developing his three passions, creative writing, martial arts and growing orchids. Love in Store is his debut novel. 

You can be kept updated on news and further releases by looking in the blog section of this site.



What inspired me to write the book?
I awoke early one morning to discover I had most of the plot in my head. Whilst asleep I had been gifted the story of Tim, a young stall holder in a small Thames side London street market and his beautiful, highly intelligent upper class girl-friend Sophie, There was twenty years of their lives in glorious technicolour.

Once I began to write, the characters made themselves known to me, including their families and work colleagues. They shared their names, their hopes and fears and they trusted me with their most intimate secrets, and in Tim’s case his fierce determination to be successful. His start had been difficult, watching his mother die in a London hospital of the flu in his fourteenth year had helped shape the man he was to become. Life was to throw many difficulties and dangers in the young couples path.

The outcomes are to be found in the book.
I hope you get as much pleasure reading it as I have had writing it. Enjoy,

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