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Excerpt from Love in Store:
Tim said, ‘I met Sophie a year ago but then we lost touch, she found me some months back.’ 
‘Then you fell in love and decided to get married.’ Barked her Father.

‘That is absolute rubbish. I suspect that in the interim you found out how much she is worth and then decided you would pursue her. How in hells name will you be able to keep her in the style she is used to?’
‘I can’t sir’ Tim responded.
Sophie’s father opened his desk draw, pulled out a cheque book, slammed the draw shut and said.

‘how much do you want to go away? How about a thousand pounds?’
Tim, his voice betraying his own anger and before he had given it any thought said.

‘I don’t want your money sir. In fact, it might be a good idea if you disinherit her because as sure as there is a god in heaven, I will marry her.’
Leaping from his chair Mr Vieri stood opposite Tim and shouted in his face whilst pointing at the door.
‘Get out of my house you arrogant little.’
Sophie’s father was stopped from using whatever expletive he was going to choose because a distraught Sophie entered the room in tears.
‘Please, please, stop’ Sophie cried ‘I cannot stand it Father. I love him. I have never been surer of anything in my life and if you throw him out, I will go with him.’

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