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A Quick Trip Away

We have just returned from a short stay on West Mersea Island. I didn't know where it was either, it's just below Suffolk.
It is not a tourist destination, If you want golden sand and kiss me quick hats don't go.
This is a remarkable environment, banks of mud pierced by gulley's to allow the water to flood in as the tide makes burying everything, including the only bridge across to the Island.
We joined a long queue of traffic one lunch time and sat waiting for the earth to turn before we could return to our air B and B. It was all really romantic, this has been happening since time began, not with the traffic though. No one got angry or frustrated, it just was.
The Island feels very old. The scenery the people have not I suspect changed in a long time, the boats have altered, Wood has given way to steel and fibreglass. The people are happy to chat, the sunsets are fabulous, the place even smells right with the tar and the salt. We will go back.

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