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bill carmen freelance author
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TIM’S PROGRESS, THE MIDDLE YEARS, is the second book in the LOVE IN STORE romantic saga. At thirteen years old
Tim’s start in life became a hand to mouth existence, which began with his mother’s premature death from the flu. His father went into decline. In his fifteenth year Tim took over the family’s delicatessen market stall and became the wage earner.
This book charts Tim’s progress towards his ultimate goal: to build a retail empire, which will ensure that his family and those he loves are protected from the misfortunes life hands out. Tim is
supported by his highly successful, intelligent and attractive wife, alongside some other remarkable characters. Including an Italian couple, Harry Trentino, a jovial, bearded ex-stall holder, and Sara his wife, she a world-class confectioner; Tom Cooper, Tim’s dad, now recovered; Jessica and Daisy, who have both faced difficulties; and Mr Woodman, a unique individual and a font of all knowledge. All are part of the team to achieve Tim’s dream together with
many other fascinating characters you will meet within the pages
of this book. Only time will tell if they are successful. There are many mountains left to climb. 

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